Product Design Lead at SiteMinder, managing a team of product designers. Together we're delivering a mega UX overhaul for one of Australia’s two privately owned tech unicorns.
Continuing to focus on clarity, decisiveness, culture, and strategy. 
Still working from home, and surprised to find I’m thoroughly enjoying it :) I feel calmer without the constant commutes and have had no problem managing my team remotely. In fact I feel we’re more productive if anything. 
I shifted from senior designer to Lead in late 2019 and have been really focused on improving in this role. This quarter is all about improving strategic thinking, developing a coaching style of leadership and improving ways of working between designers and devs.
I walk everyday, and getting back to jogging once my knees allow! 
What I’m reading
"Atomic Habits" by James Clear. Man that guy IS clear. Simple, no-nonsense and impactful advice.
“The City We Became” by my second favourite author in all the world, NK Jemisin. (#1 is of course Ursula K Le Guin; I’m a sucker for good science fiction)
What I’m Listening to
"The Knowledge Project" from Shane Parrish. Great episodes recently with Jim Collins, Daniel Kahneman, Jeff Hunter and Frank Stephenson.  
"The David McWilliams Podcast" - the brilliant Irish economist and his best bud link the dots of the world economy and history in engaging ways. I've also started his weekly economics course, via Patreon.
Music: Over the years I’ve discovered 3 types of music to get me in the zone. To snap into focus and concentrate on business writing, it’s Mozart’s Requiem (works EVERY time); for design it’s electronica, and I’ve got four playlists to get me through the toughest design days; and for personal creative writing for some reason: techno. But a particular type usually curated by Apple. I used to hate electronica and techno so not sure why they help me design and write so well  🤷‍♀️
What I’m playing
I’ve just put down Assassin’s Creed III. The scenery and movement is gorgeous. I could go on holiday to this version of Ancient Greece (minus the constant violent battles but including the awesome ships) but the story and game play have left me a bit bored. Or maybe I’m just keen to start playing the Last of Us Part II. 
Last updated 28 June 2020
With thanks to Derek Sivers for starting the 'Now' page movement :)
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