Product Design Lead at SiteMinder, managing a team of six product designers. Together we're delivering a mega UX overhaul for one of Australia’s two privately owned tech unicorns.
Being inspired by Inga Latham, our CPO.
Learning from regular leadership sessions with Andrew Venables, SiteMinder's learning and organisational development specialist. 
Continuing to focus on clarity, decisiveness, culture, and strategy.
Working, mostly. I shifted from senior designer to design lead in late 2019 and have been really focused on improving in this role. However this quarter is all about setting aside time to develop as a writer and thinker outside work.
I’ve written down some personal OKRs for this quarter and next, encouraged by my husband and mentor, Naoise Guerin.
Supporting my husband as he goes through a period of massive professional growth.
I jog most days now and reaping the benefits physically and mentally. Over the summer I've been surfing, swimming and snorkelling. Time to find an outdoor activity for the autumn and winter. 
What I’m reading
Org Design for Design Orgs” by Peter Merholz to better understand operations best practice in a growing design organisation.
Dare to Lead’ by Brené Brown, so I can build confidence my personal style of leadership.
I’ll give "The Raven’s Tower" by Anne Leckie a miss - after reading a few chapters I’m bored. I loved Ancillary Justice but need a page turner in my life right now. Gimme some more of that N.K. Jemisin please!
I'm reading waaaay too much about the Coronavirus. Don’t read twitter when there’s a pandamic, unless you want to anxiously awake at 3am.
What I’m Listening to
Audiobook:  "Atomic Habits" by James Clear. Man that guy IS clear. Simple, no-nonsense and impactful advice.
"The Knowledge Project" from Shane Parrish. Great episodes recently with Jim Collins, Daniel Kahneman, Jeff Hunter and Frank Stephenson.  
"The David McWilliams Podcast" - the brilliant Irish economist and his best bud link the dots of the world economy and history in engaging ways.
"The Tim Ferris Show" - I think you all know this guy.   
Music: I’m loving Billie Eilish’s album “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?” Listen to it with good quality headphones and you won’t be disappointed! A bit distracting at work though! When I need immediate focus I listen to Mozart’s Requiem or Chick Corea’s “Return to Forever”, my stalwarts for the past few years. 
What I’m playing
Not the piano, alas. I’d better start practicing again!
Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (great game, I love wielding a lightsaber, though the boss I’m up against right now is driving me insane).
Fortnite (about to start playing with my husband to relax our heads from work)
Last updated 8 March 2020
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