in 2017  I joined Commonwealth Bank’s digital conversations team as mobile UX specialist for their new chatbot, Ceba. 
Ceba’s interface is bespoke and we pushed what a chatbot can do, especially on mobile. This meant designing original patterns and solutions including contextual access on mobile; escalation to human chat and phone agents via a 'list picker'; and solutions related to asynchronous messaging. I created UI flows and high fidelity prototypes to test with customers and communicate solutions to stakeholders and scrum teams. 
A bot's conversation strategy is essentially how it responds when it doesn't understand, is confused, has an opportunity to be more helpful with 'conversation starters', or needs to escalate the customer to a human. I was central to defining this strategy for Ceba, championing the importance of tone and character, and working between stakeholders and the vendor to create the best possible experience for customers. 
Siri Shortcuts
As a side project I spearheaded a 'voice assistant' exploration, gathering a team of likeminded designers, researchers and devs. Together we defined an early voice strategy for the bank. I proposed and designed a Siri Shortcuts feature (among other experiments), and won budget to produce several voice-related projects. The first, Siri Shortcuts was released in February 2019.  
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