Marino was asked to conceive an original colouring app for Houghton Mifflin Harcourt's flagship children's character, Curious George. We pitched an app that included a whirring colour wheel, an interactive join-the-dots game, tracing and free-draw activities, as well as some surprise animations from Curious George. Working closely with Marino's creative director, I helped conceive and design the app including writing the voice over script and designing all sound effects. 
During the discovery phase, we spent time researching audience and brand requirements before creating mind-maps, UI Flows and wireframes to map out the core flow. Production was an 'all hands on deck' affair where in addition to managing the project, I helped with design, managed assets, wrote the voice over script, and designed sound effects.
To handover all the assets to engineering, I compiled script and interaction information together with wireframes in detailed storyboards (see example below). We worked closely with engineers throughout development and production of this app. They were invaluable helping to develop creative concepts through the lens of what was possible through code. 
Assets were handed to the engineers via Git and I helped QA write test scripts that considered all the various elements of the app: interactions, animations, voice over and sound effects.   
Draw with Curious George has been featured on the App Store over 500 times since release with overwhelmingly positive reviews. We're really proud of this one. The team at Marino successfully created an original colouring app that has a sense of fun and captures the mischievous character of Curious George in a quality, robust app. Download it here from iTunes
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