My remit as Head of Design is operational, managerial and creative. I lead a team working across 3 product segments, a new platform experience and a new design system.
In 2 years I've grown the design team from 9 to 18 product designers including hiring two experienced design managers to help lift the overall competency across the team. I implemented or supported initiatives to improve process, systems thinking, collaboration with product teams, research operations and presentation skills among other things.    
Company north star vision
in 2021 I was a key member of a small team who delivered the company's north star vision. We spent 3 months in design sprints to validate a hypothesised set of new capabilities and uncover new opportunities. I facilitated most of the workshops, something I really enjoy. As a team we interviewed 40+ customers and experts around the world, designed 8 concept prototypes; brought stakeholders along the journey; and delivered a 3-horizon vision and accompanying visiontype video. 
siteminder Platform release
Early 2022 SiteMinder launched the new SiteMinder platform. I played a key role in guiding the UX overhaul of the entire platform including nailing down the IA amidst multiple competing opinions from senior stakeholders; designing the dashboard and high level onboarding experience framework; designing core components which play a role throughout the platform; managing and supporting the senior designer in charge of building the new design system; and leading a team of designers as we overhauled the look and feel of every part of the platform. 
This video gives you an overview of what that is. You can see me at the very end of the video :) 
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